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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Beware of Dog

(yup, another quick update...a real one is coming soon I promise)

you know...I keep wondering why I keep my boyfriend around...and then I remember it's because he's like a puppy dog....ok, a lot like a puppy friend Brian’s puppy dog Kona to be exact. He farts, he slobbers, and chews up my shoes, but then he makes that irresistible puppy dog face....awwwwwwwww, can you get any more adorable than this?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've been kidnapped by martians!

Ok not really. I'm still here, I promise. I've just been super busy in my personal life. I've actually had quite a bit to write about, just no time or effort to do so when the day is done. I'll explain my absence more at a later date. Hopefully in a week or two things will calm down a little...or continue to be a whirlwind. But it's a good whirlwind. Wonderful things are upon me.

Lucky for you guys I do have a couple new photos. I did a photo shoot for a hair salon here in Scottsdale, AZ called Puzzles Studio. We had lots of obstacles to overcome like bad lighting, small spaces (I have no wide angle birthday is in January), girls who have never modeled before so they were stiff (I should have bought beer), and 110 degree weather ( Anyway, I will post the first few shots. I don't in any way feel they are my strongest but they are still good shots and the ladies came out pretty...yay girls! I have plenty of editing to do and many shots to sort through so for those of you who follow my photography keep checking my Flickr account to see what pops up (in my photos...not your pants you pervs)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Good lord

Here's one from the vaults that probably should be locked away forever and never allowed out of my closet again. I was sitting here on my wonderfully boring Saturday night with little to no motivation. I have photos to edit and boxes to pack but I just don't want to and you can't make me. Maybe I should write in my blog? It's been a while. Naaaa I haven't had much to write about. I did manage to horribly Photoshop a picture of a friend of mine into a wedding photo with this chick who totally disgusts him. Unfortunately I can't post it or she might see it and that would be bad. I value being alive and I can't even fathom the wrath of terror that would be brought upon my head. So in an attempt to avoid my blog (that's right, you heard me) I was going to check my email. I typed in hot and the suggestion box of links popped up with the obvious "Hotmail". I hit enter without completely following through. I didn't get hotmail, I got something far worse. I was rerouted to! Oh good god I thought. Here's a site of pure evilness. When it first hit the scene years ago (because the internet is a scene) I checked it out and thought it was funny. I spent a few hours rating people and contemplating the results. I am an evil rater as well, if someone looks like a jerk or completely conceited I will knock them down (I'm a girl so I'm eveil by nature). I'm sure to some people who post photos it's just funny but to others it's a last ditch effort for them to feel good about themselves or boost their egos. I'm curious how many suicides have taken place after someone didn't get the ranking they were hoping for. My point is that I decided one night to post a photo...just to see where I ranked. It really didn't matter to me either way, I'm comfortable in my skin and thought I'd be at least on the higher end of the spectrum. When I first posted it was a pretty normal photo but a flattering one none the less. I remember checking it and being confused. I think I had ranked around a 6. I posted a more sexy photo and as expected my ranking shot up to a 9.5. I used this as leverage in conversations because of the outright silliness that is "Hot or Not". Someone would say something to me and I'd just be like "Oh yeah...well Hot or Not says I'm a 9.5 so neener neener neener." or some crap like that. Eventually the novelty of it all wore off and I forgot all about it. That is until now. I don't even know how many years it's been, 4 or 5 at least. It took me a couple tries to remember my password but I finally got it. Immediately a photo of a scary lady pops onto my screen with the words "Do you want to meet her yes or no?" Oh hell no! Blech..Ptewey. Are these people still as rediculous as I remember them being? OH yeah, trailer park goodness is alive and well on the internet and I'm about to have a rendezvous. I checked my stats, my 9.5 has now dropped to a 6.7. Times have changed; being hot now seems to require a thong and a Myspace account. The dilemma of the evening is do I post a current photo to test the system again? Surely if I do I will most likely forget all about it again for another 5 years? Hmmmm? Maybe the one where I'm being silly, they'll love that. I now have something completely pointless to waste my evening away. Thank you Hot or Not, you have once again cured my boredom momentarily.

7-9 Update;
I just went back to hotornot and now it's asking me if I want to meet this guy! eek! I'm sure he's got a great personality. Besides...I'm happily married, so, sorry dude I have to say no. As for my score so far I've been bumped up to a 7.9...not sure how that happened with the photo I posted. It must be my infectious stupidity. Oh sheesh, the havoc continues, I just went to my profile on there and I was 24 so it's been longer than I thought. It's been 5 years! And my "meet me" button was active which means because I logged in it has tossed me into the singles area...don't want that, it's been FIXED! Awww but if I leave it active I can shamelessly advertise my blog or flickr or website. Damn, I think my evilness is shrinking (or I really do love my man).

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It’s alive!!! Alive!!!!

I have followed in the steps of the mighty Doctor Frankenstein and created a Monster. “Igor! Fetch me my links it’s time for the show!” I will now maniacally rub my hands together and laugh an evil horrible laugh that only an insane person can, “Muwah ha ha ha! It’s alive!”

Be afraid, be very afraid.

I am FrankenStoo and this my friends is my monster. I have built my very first website complete with nifty Paypal buttons I designed myself. What is this crazy concoction you ask? (this is me pretending you really did ask) Why, it’s a website for the Rogue Mini eyes! For those of you who don’t know, the eyes are a small portion of the Mini obsession I share with my boyfriend. You see, Mini Coopers’ headlights are attached to their Bonnet (that’s the hood for you non Mini folk) and beneath them in the engine bay are these two blank spots that have so desperately begged for our mercy. My boyfriend has created ridiculously cool 3D eyes and printed them on the best quality Vinyl to fill the void. We are sharing them with the world so now all the Minis can be complete. Even if you’re a non-Mini folk please check it out and let me know what you think. I am still working out the kinks with the website (like the nightmare Mini eyes page) but for now I think it looks pretty darn good! So go there…go there now or forever be damned to all eternity for not clicking my link….if you touch it you can tell everyone you touched StoopidGirls’ link (ewww…dirty)