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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've been kidnapped by martians!

Ok not really. I'm still here, I promise. I've just been super busy in my personal life. I've actually had quite a bit to write about, just no time or effort to do so when the day is done. I'll explain my absence more at a later date. Hopefully in a week or two things will calm down a little...or continue to be a whirlwind. But it's a good whirlwind. Wonderful things are upon me.

Lucky for you guys I do have a couple new photos. I did a photo shoot for a hair salon here in Scottsdale, AZ called Puzzles Studio. We had lots of obstacles to overcome like bad lighting, small spaces (I have no wide angle birthday is in January), girls who have never modeled before so they were stiff (I should have bought beer), and 110 degree weather ( Anyway, I will post the first few shots. I don't in any way feel they are my strongest but they are still good shots and the ladies came out pretty...yay girls! I have plenty of editing to do and many shots to sort through so for those of you who follow my photography keep checking my Flickr account to see what pops up (in my photos...not your pants you pervs)


At 7/19/06, 10:45 PM, Anonymous Peety said...


I really love it..
The picture-clothes-shoes...


At 7/20/06, 3:33 PM, Blogger tina said...

your photography is always good, but i agree... your models are a little on the stiff side. i like the last one.

At 7/20/06, 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need a picture of a hot half naked lady with cute hair someday.

xoxo Heather.

At 7/20/06, 9:26 PM, Blogger Fireball said...

WOW! No wait,... HOLY CRAP!!

At 7/22/06, 9:55 AM, Blogger pegasus said...

wonderful photography,
do you have an online gallery where i can view the best of your creations

At 7/22/06, 11:15 AM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...


Tina-you should come over...I bet you're not stiff (ewww that sounded so dirty)

Heather-I know I know....gotta talk Tina into coming over before I leave town. Muwah ha ha

Fireball-Sweet mother of God! (I like that one) did you see the previous post about you?

Ankur-Why yes, yes indeed. My Flicktlink is on the side of my blog but just incase you don't see it

At 7/23/06, 3:49 PM, Blogger tina said...

yea, i know..i really need to come over before you go! :o(

At 7/26/06, 6:40 PM, Blogger Johnny Wadd said...

The third is defiantly my fave.

At 8/2/06, 3:37 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Love the third shot! Gorgeous! And the model ain't bad either! :)


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