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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ticks ok, I'm a professional

So this ten year old kid sits in my chair today excited to chop off about 8 inches of his hair down to a buzz cut. I start my clippers and the hair starts falling when he nonchalantly says;

Oh by the way, I might have ticks!
*did I just hear that right?*
ME; Oh really?
HIS MOM: (laughing) Oh honey your so silly.
KID; (continues blathering about kid stuff) Blah blah blah....
buzz buzz buzz
KID; Blah blah blah...
buzz buzz buzz
ME; Well...I guess you were right!
KID; (very excited and jumping around) Really!!! I wanna see! I wanna see!

Meanwhile the full waiting room of clients is now cringing and looking at us like we're circus freaks. The mom rushes the kid outside to remove the hitchiker then brings him back in for me to complete the haircut.
There is no redemption for this one.

The saga continues...

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