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Monday, October 31, 2005


Once again it's Halloween and my costume was oh so scary.

Who am I kidding? The only person my costume could have possibly scared would be someone on a bad acid trip. Now that I'm an official settled down old geezer I haven't seen one of those since Haley’s' Comet swung by for a visit (slight exaggeration, but it's been a while). I knew the hubby and I weren't going anywhere this evening and our neighborhood is full of the non celebrating type (a-k-a Snowbirds) so I took the opportunity to humiliate myself at the workplace. The odd thing about Halloween is so many people have strayed from the true idea of it. It's All-Hallows Eve for crying out loud! Not a beauty pageant! Literally. Halloween has become an excuse for girls to dress like who they really are...and 9 times out of 10 the word "whore" comes to mind. Anyway, my department came up with the idea of holding a beauty pageant. At first I was excited, how cool would it be to have a pageant with monsters and dead people? Wicked cool! Then I realized they were serious when I was told I couldn't hang bloody baby-dolls from my dress. I'm always game for getting dressed up and being silly, so I entered as "Miss Understood". We came up with other clever names for the girls like "Miss Fit, Miss Cheivious, and Miss Ing Person". I had no idea what to do for my costume because I most certainly did not want to follow the guidelines and come to work "Pretty" but I slacked so long I just ransacked my closet this morning and hour before work. I ended up looking like and 80's supermodel so in order to hold true to my title of "Miss Understood" I ran around all day yelling "I'm a supermodel, you wouldn't understand! Where's my coke!” If I had been old enough to go to clubs in the 80's I would have ruled the dance floor.
Hope everyone has a much more exciting Halloween than me.

I have no upper lip!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy SPD!

I've traded in my pink MINI for the new and improved version, here it is...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Titties-N-Ass (sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon)

As some of you know my sweet ass Pink Mini was featured at Hot Import Nights this past saturday along. I didn't take home any awards due to my lack of mods (a cool paint job and big tits will only get you so far) but our team ( Fireball Tim Racing ) did win First Place for Engineering on our race car (fastest Mini in the world! )
It was lots of fun, there were some hot models out (I'm talking about the cars you pervs!But the girls were nice too.) and I got to take some photos of a bunch of half naked chicks with our Mini Coopers (for more girly shots check Chris's blog or Tims' Blog) .

This girl was my particular favorite because not only was she hot without putting her make-up on with a butterknife but she actually came over and hugged me goodbye when she left the show. She was there promoting eventvibe if you couldn't tell by staring at her chest. She was by far the hottest half neckid girl there and hopefully she'll see this picture and go "wow, That Emily chick is really cool. I must pose for her so she can have shots of a hot asian chick for her gallery!" I hope everyone likes what I've done with the shot, she's standing with my friend Kalvins' Mini called the "EuroRicer"

What can I say? The Ladies Love Mini Coopers!

I think my car gets more action than I do!

Here's Tim Defiling my Mini as proof! (shame on you Tim!) Although the Hot Import Nights sticker does look good on her, but she's damn sexy, she can wear just about anything and get my motor going!

And Last but not least...It wasn't just the cars that got some action...My boyfriend did too!
And the courtship begins.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


This is the first time I've posted about this on here but I wanted to share the really cool stuff Chris and I have been getting involved with and what we're doing.

Once upon a time Chris met this tall asian guy (a-k-a Dr.Fu) with a superfast twin charged Mini. They quickly became friends. Dr.Fu then introduced Chris to a really insane guy obsessed with fire and superfast Mini Coopers, he is appropriately named Fireball Tim. Together with a few other specimins of the male species they decided that the 5 superfast Mini Coopers they already own isn't enough, so now with the help of the powers that be, they are going to make what we hope to be the fastest Mini ever. The records will be broken and the bar will be set so hold tight and stay tuned for what happens next.

Mean while here are some links with more deatils and some photos from around the shop.
Fireball Tims' Blog
Mini USA Press Release

<---------Tim Reprisenting

Hmmmm? This looks suspicious--->