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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Evil people

Quite a few years after high school a former classmate of mine who I hadn't seen since, walked into my place of work. He apologized for being mean to me back in the day. It was a nice gesture and I let him know it wasn't necessary because he never bothered me like some of the true bullies in high school. The two of us would jokingly pick on each other so there for we were even. We've been friends since then.

This past weekend I found myself and a few other friends walking through the woods on an exploration quest. We soon discovered that it was spider season. There were enough "Writing spiders" (aka Garden spiders) to make even the most non squeamish person be on guard. This particular type of spider is HUGE and about as harmless as a little fluffy newborn puppy but is as scary looking as HR Geiger's Alien on a bad hair day. These spiders create massive webs which we were constantly figuring out how to avoid.

In an attempt to be nice I fell a little behind the rest of the group to save my friend Scott who quit paying attention and started talking on his cell phone from walking into one. We ducked and picked up the pace to catch up. I started to forget about the looming doom when my "friends" (notice the quotation marks around friends) mentioned something in the woods to my right. I looked over at it and kept walking. About 10 feet goes by when I hear my boyfriend very firmly and very loudly say "EMILY!!! STOP!!!" without hesitation like Pavlov's dog hearing the dinner bell ring, I froze with extreme intensity knowing what I was about to see hanging mere inches from my face.

After my near death experience subsided I looked past the beastly creature to see the rest of the group laughing hysterically and talking about how priceless my face was. My first instinct was to yell at my boyfriend since he's the one who told me to stop; obviously it was his idea "You are in so much trouble mister!!!" he immediately points to my old friend from high school "It was his idea!" I look towards him when he says "I was going to let you keep walking."

You are soooooooo going down...we were even once; but not now. It's on like Donkey Kong. Just you wait.



At 10/7/07, 8:18 AM, Blogger Chris said...

God that brings back memories. When we were little, we would all go to Hannah Park at the beach and run all over the trails on the backside of the dunes. Unfortunately said dunes were full of these spiders and they apparently enjoy making their webs right in the middle of the trails. So inevitably, someone would get a face full of spider or at least, spiderweb!

Did you know these particular spiders each cockroaches. I don't know if that makes them rock for getting rid of them or if it just makes them even ickier because they eat roaches. What do you think?

At 10/16/07, 5:24 AM, Blogger Electric Blue said...

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