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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mutt Whiskey

Once upon a time I had a dog; it was a brief stint. I had walked by one of the Saturday pet adoptions on the sidewalk down the way from my work. Upon walking by and not seeing a dog that tugged properly at my heart strings I noticed a burnt orange tail peeking out from under a table. I asked to see the pup. It was an adorable mutt named Wispy. “Wispy?” I thought “That’s a dumb name for a boy dog!” going on the color of his fur and drunken demeanor which I later found out was due to bad hips, I deemed the pup “Whiskey”. It was a good name. Somewhere in my mind I thought “I am ready for this.” I must have been crazy. I filled out some papers and took Whiskey on as a foster dog until I was ready to adopt or in my case they found him a home before I was ready. During Whiskey’s stay at my home I took him for walks downtown. I started noticing a prejudice towards this awesome dog. People would constantly walk up to other dogs and pet them, yet they would ignore mine. At some point someone walked up to a dog Whiskey was sniffing and started with the goo goo, gaa gaa child voice over this obviously superior breed of a dog and asked what kind it was. I don’t remember but it was some kind of dumb half breed cocktail of a dog like a Puggle or a Labradoodle and let’s be honest people; IT’S A MUTT!!! (Especially if it’s not in my spell check) Sheesh you would think I had a zit riddled teenager who had just joined the 9th grade. I look at the lady and said “Don’t you want to know what breed my dog is?” There was a bit of a pause and an uncomfortable reluctant “ooooook” from her. I smiled and announced quite valiantly “He’s one hundred percent pure bred mutt!” I smiled and walked away.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

My Scissors need love in Wilmington

As life would have it I have officially come full circle and am living back in Wilmington, NC. (ta-daaa!!!) I am working at a wonderful salon called the Works and am in the process of building my clients so please stop by and see me as well as reposting this to anyone in Wilmington who might need a fun hair dresser such as lil ole me. I specialize in new, hip & trendy haircuts as well as color.
Men's cuts are only $15 (includes a wash)
Womans cuts are $20 wet or $30 (including wash & Dry)
Call for pricing on color/highlights as it varies
Thanks for stopping in and I look forward to brutally severing your strands of hair with my sharp scissors!
Here's my business card

The Works Salon
112 N.Cardinal DR.
Wilmington, NC
910-395-0700 ext.104

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