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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

riddle me this

How come I'm not allowed to bring my almost empty tube of toothpaste on an airplane that is clearly under the 3 ounce liquid rule because they have to go by what the package says not the REAL content, but the guy in front of me can bring on one of those fold up cork screws which could easily be used as a weapon (much like the box cutters on 911)?hmmmm?(Stupid Airline people)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Of Mice and Men

Today I helped a friend change out his couch to a new one. As we’re about to move the old couch out and bring in the new one in, he announces “Prepare for the mice!”. “Mice?” I Think…”This doesn’t seem like the type of neighborhood that would have a mouse problem? Besides, he’s got 2 cats, I would think they’d do a good job at keeping them away.” Then it clicked “Oooooh yeah, the cats.” We removed the couch and before our eyes was the biggest mouse massacre since….since…well I don’t know since when but I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed such horrific carnage.

I give you examples A & B, the cats. After that we have Examples C & D the massacre left by these two masters of destruction. (61 mice total!)