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Sunday, October 02, 2005


This is the first time I've posted about this on here but I wanted to share the really cool stuff Chris and I have been getting involved with and what we're doing.

Once upon a time Chris met this tall asian guy (a-k-a Dr.Fu) with a superfast twin charged Mini. They quickly became friends. Dr.Fu then introduced Chris to a really insane guy obsessed with fire and superfast Mini Coopers, he is appropriately named Fireball Tim. Together with a few other specimins of the male species they decided that the 5 superfast Mini Coopers they already own isn't enough, so now with the help of the powers that be, they are going to make what we hope to be the fastest Mini ever. The records will be broken and the bar will be set so hold tight and stay tuned for what happens next.

Mean while here are some links with more deatils and some photos from around the shop.
Fireball Tims' Blog
Mini USA Press Release

<---------Tim Reprisenting

Hmmmm? This looks suspicious--->


At 10/2/05, 2:05 PM, Blogger Icarus said...

This will only make me more jealous of your car. Or something like that.

At 10/2/05, 5:27 PM, Anonymous Fireball Tim! said...


At 10/3/05, 12:07 PM, Blogger ... jacek ... said...

I knew this german formula 1 race car driver when I was in Munich, he drove a mini, the old mini. Let me tell you, that I like adrenalin, jumping out of planes, and all that other good shit, but going 100km on a tiny medievil european street and making pinpoint turns on thos same streets was fuckinf fun and scary as all hell.

dont knwo if it fist here, but it reminded me of a story.

At 10/9/05, 9:48 PM, Anonymous j/c said...

Found your blog.
It was nice seeing you guys again yesterday. Can't wait to see the Flamethrowin' MINI in action!


At 10/10/05, 9:43 AM, Blogger deetour said...

sooo, what happened???

At 11/14/05, 9:57 AM, Anonymous Emma said...

What is so good about yr mini, i mean yeah its pink but I have got one aswell, and its a baby pink one with a daisy on top, beat that!
See its not only you thats got a pink mini in the world, I have aswell and its even beta!!!

At 11/14/05, 4:17 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

umm is it me or was that a mean comment about my MINI not a "hey, cool we have something in common. Rock on." comment.

If you really do have a pink MINI I'd love to see pictures. And I've never put down other MINI's especially if they're pink so why the rude anonymous post?


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