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Monday, October 31, 2005


Once again it's Halloween and my costume was oh so scary.

Who am I kidding? The only person my costume could have possibly scared would be someone on a bad acid trip. Now that I'm an official settled down old geezer I haven't seen one of those since Haley’s' Comet swung by for a visit (slight exaggeration, but it's been a while). I knew the hubby and I weren't going anywhere this evening and our neighborhood is full of the non celebrating type (a-k-a Snowbirds) so I took the opportunity to humiliate myself at the workplace. The odd thing about Halloween is so many people have strayed from the true idea of it. It's All-Hallows Eve for crying out loud! Not a beauty pageant! Literally. Halloween has become an excuse for girls to dress like who they really are...and 9 times out of 10 the word "whore" comes to mind. Anyway, my department came up with the idea of holding a beauty pageant. At first I was excited, how cool would it be to have a pageant with monsters and dead people? Wicked cool! Then I realized they were serious when I was told I couldn't hang bloody baby-dolls from my dress. I'm always game for getting dressed up and being silly, so I entered as "Miss Understood". We came up with other clever names for the girls like "Miss Fit, Miss Cheivious, and Miss Ing Person". I had no idea what to do for my costume because I most certainly did not want to follow the guidelines and come to work "Pretty" but I slacked so long I just ransacked my closet this morning and hour before work. I ended up looking like and 80's supermodel so in order to hold true to my title of "Miss Understood" I ran around all day yelling "I'm a supermodel, you wouldn't understand! Where's my coke!” If I had been old enough to go to clubs in the 80's I would have ruled the dance floor.
Hope everyone has a much more exciting Halloween than me.

I have no upper lip!


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