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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Still waiting for surgery

I had another nightmare about my vein surgery last night. Only this time it happened at 4:30pm and I was awake. My phone rang, it was the receptionist, the doctor wants to talk to me, we have a small problem. I figure no big deal, they've probably overbooked and need to reschedule me...but why would I need to talk to the actual doctor? Turns out the $300 I was going to pay them was not because it was an "out of hospital fee" for my insurance which is what they had told me because I grimiced at the thought of my negative balanced bank account. Turns out they had been outright lying to me, they've been kicked out of the Blue Cross Health plan Network and according to them they got no notice about it before yesterday(which is illigal). After Arguing with the doctor and the bitch receptionist(most likely his wife) about the fact that they A.) lied about the fee because the $300 is the exact same amount as the 20% you pay when going out of network and B.) Why the hell would I pay them $300 when it's suppose to be covered 100% when in network. Gee let me think about that. Sure I'd love to hand you my money especially because you're lyers so there for you must be trust worthy. I did some of my own investigating and it turns out this doctor has several infractions, their ultrasound girl is quitting because they run a shady bussiness and the next doctor I'm going too knew exactly who I was talking about. Take note that this is the short version of what happened, they also did a few other things that weren't the dried drop of blood on the stool I almost sat on and forcing me to have more appointments than necesary to get more money out of me but tricking me into beleiving it was a booking mistake. I will be filing a compaint at the Arizona Board of Health. I feel bad if there are other patients who don't figure out their scams.
Dear doctor Hara Misra You are an asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 6/24/05, 8:41 PM, Blogger xilch said...

Damn that's scary! I hate to think what might have happened if he'd operated...

At 9/15/05, 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should make your complaint to:

This Dr. Misra has a horrid reputation among his peers because of his habit of performing bad surgeries. Outdated practices, extra surgeries, failure to consult with proper specialists, and general incompetence.

He also has a bunch of pending lawsuits for killing people thru his incompetence. He actually let someone die of a bowel obstruction because he just didn't show up at the hospital when he was on call.

He has a buddy on the Arizona Medical Board who protects him. There are several board actions against him that do not show up in his profile.

Try the website. And use it to see what's up with your new doc. Good luck and speedy healing.


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