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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Joys of Flying #1

My buddy Hafid (a-k-a The Frequent Flyer) wrote a little story about flying today so I thought I'd add one of mine.

ahhh the joys of flying...Once upon a time after being bumped from my first flight and delayed 1 hour I was forced to dash accross the runway in 60mph winds and pelting rain only to get onboard and have them tell me to go back inside. They realized by my death stair that I was not getting off the plain until I was safely in my own state. So they made us sit with our seat belts on for 2 hours, no pee breaks and the air conditioning cranked to the fullest hightening our cold wet skin (I had goose pimples the size of Mount Rushmore). I finally started to dry off and my shivers that had originally registered a 5.0 on the ricter scale started to subside. It was at that very moment the little fucknut who'd been screaming and kicking my seat behind me with his non-english speaking mother (whom may I add, did nothing to subdue the little spawn of satan), dumped the contents of his sippy cup all down the front of my shirt. It was the one day I wished I hadn't forgotten my sweater and had grown the balls to smuggle a gun on board. MAn I am entirely too nice sometimes.


At 6/22/05, 8:00 AM, Blogger Tüls said...

that's awsome!!!

At 6/22/05, 10:16 AM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

I know deer...I know

At 6/22/05, 2:05 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

dear...cause I'm all retarded and stuff


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