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Sunday, June 12, 2005

This morning

I woke up today hearing an incredible laugh/giggle. It was so cool, our friend Skinnee a-k-a Master B stayed the night with her most awesome little tot we've nicknamed Vomit (for obvious reasons). Those 2 must get up pretty damn early, after hearing the giggles I dozed back off to sleep with one of those "that's so cute" grins on my face only to wake back up an hour or so later and the door to the spare room is closed so they must've gone back to sleep. I venture downstairs and after about half an hour of wondering around in my "non morning person" state the blankets on the couch start to move. If that girl was a super hero her power would be hiding under blankets. There have been numerous times in this house I've walk by her or asked Chris "where's B?" only to see this little blond head peak out of te blankets.
yup that's the morning so far....I have some other very exciting news from this weekend but I will wait to share because I must have photos for it. I'll just leave some hints.
Chris almost got pimped on by a redneck guy because of it.
I can never pick my nose while driving again.
She's small, british and gives me an erection.

Later today we're picking our Bastard british friend up from the airport to hear about all his travels...maybe he'll help me with my lack of camera...or at least he better! muwah ha ha ha


At 6/12/05, 9:42 PM, Blogger deetour said...

Can't wait to see it!

At 6/13/05, 9:11 AM, Blogger the fallen said...

well...yeah...actually i do play golf but not in a snobby's open to everyone =) and i teach little children how to play golf for three years now...

well...she got me twisted in're right...the "strange" and new thing is that i never felt being in love like i do's sooo unbelievably intense...i actually can't find the right words for it...

well...can't wait to see those pics either!!! :)


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