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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Life Lessons Updated

So in my post Life Lessons #1 I said;
"If your job insists on bringing in new temps who keep quitting and every one of them is wierd, don't assume the 7th temp of the week is going to be normal just because they finally appear that way. Within minutes they will continually talk to themself, poke their head with a magic marker, paint everything with white out, giggle, and laugh at the wall."
Temp #8 showed up and lasted long enough to say "Hi, I'm (insert name), I'm here to replace Temp #7." our response was "Cool, so I guess they told him we didn't need him anymore..." Temp #7 walks through the door and the look of confusion takes over. Temp #7 & #8 both dissapear by the end of the day.
Temp #9 turned out to be pretty cool, did a great job and we all hoped he wouldn't fall prey to the amazing disappearances. He was a little obsessed with Rap and Lowriders but fun none the less. He didn't show up the following Monday.
Temp#10 showed up monday, she was almost 6 feet tall and 9 months pregnant. By the end of her second day her water broke while going on a routine bathroom run.No more Temp #10
Today we have moved on to good ole Temp #11...I saw him for a total of 2 minutes this morning when he put his bag of crackers on his desk. I am convinced by his pale skin, invisibility and bald head that he is infact a ghost (not that being bald makes someone a ghost)
I wonder if we make it to a Temp #13 if they will infact be the devil.
Temp #11 was at the desk next to mine for an hour or so today before I realized he was there. He shared his crackers with Rachelle. If Rachelle lives I will conclude that he is a friendly ghost.
4:00 PM Tempt #11 is making wierd unhuman like throaty noises...I am baffled as to what creature he truly is...poltergeist maybe? I'm scared....mommy.
Temp #11 knew my name this morning and sounded quite pleased with himself for saying it,of course I'm judging this by his glassed over "kid in a candy store" eyes...not sure what to think of that.
Temp #12 and possably the person who will be offered my job due to my soon to be postion switch is friendly and far from normal but her perfume shower she took this morning is giving me a headache so I can't think about any of this right now. I need an advil...or a sedative...check please I'm going home!


At 7/5/05, 10:07 AM, Blogger deetour said...

How's specimen 11 doing today?

At 7/5/05, 5:01 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

He is still a ghost...but I know he's here...I am going to re-title him as subject "Tweedle Dee"(or Tweedle Dumb but I'll give him the benefit of a doubt) due to his shorts, pulled up socks and rolly polly nature.

I will elaborate on Temp #12 and quite possably my replacement soon

At 7/15/05, 11:58 AM, Blogger Lorene said...

so is temp #12 still around or have you had more in the series? was #13 the devil? is that why you haven't written lately? :)

At 7/15/05, 11:35 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

I've just been lazy and busy as hell at work. I suppose I should write something soon.

Temp #12 is still around for the time being...she will not be my replacement...turns out she was a little (ahem) mislead by the temp agency there for she convinced us as to her replacement status...psychosis and timing seem to be the blame for that one. She will probably be crushed when she hears the news.

Temp #13 has yet to's pretty amazing...they scare me whomever they are (shivers)


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