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Monday, June 27, 2005

Disturbing Things

I have started compiling a list that I will add more to at a later date. These are mearly observations of disturbing things I notice in my day to day life;
1. Turning around to flush the toilet and seeing a gigantic dried up booger on the seat.
2. Going to the doctor who's going to stick his finger up your butt and having him turn out to be young, attractive and say "you look familiar."
3. Your gynocolgist telling you your breasts are mobile, your ovaries are small, and your boyfriend has a large penis, here's some cream.
4.Your Mom sporting a shirt that says "Orgasm Doner"

more to come when I think of for now I'm feeling lazy. If I was to post what I really want to post today about some evil horrible people I've unfortunately met and wasted more time disliking them then they're worth, it would be a really long post. Maybe later, you have momentarily been spared.


At 6/28/05, 10:59 PM, Blogger deetour said...

never got ur email.


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