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Friday, February 02, 2007

Best thing since sliced bread

I know sliced bread is pretty darn cool but I've got something that could quite possibly be one of the coolest things to hit the MINI community EVER!!! (rubs hands together maniacally and laughs MOO HAHAHAHA!)

I am here to announce the official launch of
It is the most complete directory to date of everything MINI.
Please take a gander at it's magnificant glory. Search it's pages, make suggestions if you don't see a link you're looking for, find cool links you never knew existed, and expand your MINI experience.
Thanks for looking..from one happy motorer to guys rock...that's why we do what we do. Please pass this info on, repoast, and give comments & feedback as this is a new site and we strive to give you nothing but the best! it would be greatly appreciated.



At 2/8/07, 6:28 AM, Blogger Urk said...

dude(ette)..that site rocks. we having our mini breakfast run in Cape Town on sunday. must still order eyes from you to be the first in SA with 'em

At 2/25/07, 11:10 PM, Blogger ♥ Christina ♥ said...

thanks for posting about this site! i didn't realize it existed til now :D good work!!!


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