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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Blink of an eye

It’s funny how fast things can change sometimes. Here I am these days with all my whininess, my “I wants”, and my blah blah blah. When it rains it pours and for a few days I was having some serious rainstorms. Then the day after Thanksgiving hit and with the blink of an eye (almost literally) things changed for the better. I’m still a nervous ball of energy about how things are going but I’m one of those people who believes everything happens for a reason. I know I’m being a bit cryptic about things, unfortunately for parties involved I have to be. On the upside I’ll be moving (yes again) down to the San Diego area. I’m still homesick and want to go back east but I’m going to snatch up some great opportunities while I can and hope that some serious awesomeness will rise from these ashes. It’s a much nicer area than Los Angeles, it’s cheaper and I have friends there who would fit right in with the people I’ve known for the 11 years I spent in North Carolina so maybe the East coast won’t feel so far away after all.

here's a picture of a bridge I took to keep you entertained while I think of something rediculously whitty to write about


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