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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The "Woo Hoo" heard around the world

So lately things in my life have been crazy. There’s been some ups and plenty of downs but through it all I do my best to turn my nervous energy into funny energy so as to keep anyone who is listening entertained. Well today as I frantically run around my house getting ready for yet another move (and hopefully the last), I walk to my mailbox and pray for goodness to be inside. I put the key in and turn the lock squinting my eyes in fear of a giant bill-monster who is going to jump out and paper-cut me to death. The door swings open and I see something big…ok sort of big but when you’re afraid of what’s behind door #1 anything looks big. Brown packaging? Hmmm? What could it be? For the life of me I am having a giant brain fart. It looks like it went through customs and the return address is unfamiliar. I start thinking the worst, it’s thick…like paperwork…paperwork is usually bad….no no no, eww paperwork, noooooo go away big bad scary things I don’t want you! My hands are getting a little nervous as I tear open the envelope. Within seconds my frightened soul is instantly turned to something far more ridiculous than a little puppy who’s about to piddle on floor with excitement. As loudly as one can think without looking totally crazy my brain says “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. Here is something I’ve been so excited about and has been very hard for me to not really say anything (I can’t be counting any chickens before they hatch) but I’ve been waiting for so long I sort of forgot about it. It’s the spanking new magazine called HOT NEW MINI which is born from the ashes of our dearly missed NEW MINI mag and guess who’s inside!? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (insert me doing a non rhythmic version of the happy dance).
I plopped my butt down not even wanting to wait until I got back inside and start reading. As I’m reading I’m giggling and making silly faces like “Did I say that? Hahaha!” or “Hey I didn’t know my car was lowered!” the woman next to me waiting to sign her lease and move into our complex is probably rethinking the idea because crazy people live here. It was all I could do not to shove it in her face knowing she didn’t speak English and say “See that! That’s me! ME ME ME ME MEEEEE!”

So there you have it folks, I have my first official magazine spread and it looks sweet! I was a little nervous because I never saw a proof so I had no idea what it was going to look like. All in all they did a great job, the only major mistake was I didn’t get full credit for the photos (only partial) which stinks since they are all mine and photos are my #1 passion (MINIs being #2) oh well, no biggy.

I’m not sure when the issue hits shelves but it may already be there or it will be any day now.

As always thanks for listening and letting me share. My life wouldn’t be the same without all you guys! It’s funny but the MINI community is my second family so thanks. Here’s a sneak peak but go support the magazine and pick up a copy! (oooh my parents will love it!)


At 11/30/06, 8:11 PM, Blogger tina said...

it's too bad they didnt credit you for your own photos, but that's an awesome spread you got! nice!

At 11/30/06, 10:07 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

Well I got partial credit so it's not so bad :P
THanks lady...hope things are well :)

At 12/1/06, 5:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks great Em. It's sounds like you two are going on another moving adventure as well. Good luck with that!
P.S. i need an address for you.

At 12/1/06, 6:56 AM, Blogger deetour said...

Hey, make it bigger so I can read it! Congrats! :)

At 12/3/06, 7:21 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Congratulations! You are just the cat's meow these days, aren't you? Embedded photo journalist and now a feature article! don't usually get magazines in plain brown wrappers? Ha ha ha

Great writing. I loved the line about the bill monster.

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At 12/4/06, 9:12 PM, Anonymous Much More Than A Mom said...

Cool! Congratulations!
(and I forgot to say, Welcome to my sidebar!)

At 1/24/07, 4:34 AM, Anonymous Scotty said...

I heard the woohoo. A bit late, but sound takes a while to travel across the pond ;)

A friend of mine smuggled that mag from the states for me and while reading I thought, that mini looked somehow familiar.

Well there you go...




At 1/25/07, 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats! -X


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