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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Evil Webcams

Typical "I'm cooler than you" photo

In the wake of my camera being at the factory (again...sigh) for warranty work, it seems I have rediscovered my webcam. Hence the fact that some of my posts now have cheesy photos of me. My boyfriend says I look like an old lady in the wieners and wine photos...thanks babe.

I don't ever chat with people anymore, other than my father, so I haven't had much use for it. Even when I did use it nothing good came from it. I had countless people trying to view it thinking I was going to get naked and numerous guys who thought that since I had one I must want to see them jerk off in front of it. There's some classy people out there I tell you. The best thing that ever came from having it was some girl who always sent me an invite to view her camera would get high and run around dancing and twirling wearing nothing but her birthday suit and pink tutu. Hey, who am I to deny someone from having a good time, it did nothing for me other than give me a giggle, but It became a favorite past time for my roomies.

My best friend who lives on the other side of the country and is 8 months pregnant just bought a webcam for the first time. "Finally" I thought “something good will come from this evil little contraption.” she promptly mooned me to show off how big her ass had gotten since the belly expansion.


At 9/24/05, 10:49 PM, Blogger tp said...

woman, this is way off the topic but i've got to tell you: i want your mini. WANT IT.

there. feel better already. ta.

At 9/24/05, 10:51 PM, Blogger Icarus said...

Your pictures are just adorable. I found you while blogcrashing.

At 9/25/05, 11:42 AM, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Awesome pic ;-) Reach out and moon someone.

At 9/26/05, 1:25 PM, Blogger ... jacek ... said...

I love I'm cooler then you photo's!!! And I also love ass shots. I used to send people ass shots, specifically this one where i have a tattoo of a pony on my left buttcheek. It was great.

Anywho... I'm glad you liked my "Date Application Page" - it's really there for amusememnt more then anything, and anyways, I'm more of a traditionalist when picking women up. You know 3:30am at a bar extremely drunk "sshey babee, shwaht you shay we go, and *hic* I can *hic* ssh*hic*ow you my... (at this point I fall and pass out :))

Anywho, keep on rockin', postin' truckin'

- el Jacek - life for the casually insane

At 9/26/05, 5:20 PM, Blogger Rosal said...

your photos are awsome.

I love how perfect strangers leave me comments on my blog telling me I'm a great person and stuff, and my real life friends ignore it.

Thanks for makeing my day brighter. I'll definitly try the dish soap. Thanks!

At 9/27/05, 8:44 AM, Blogger Kelvin said...

Thanks for chrashing my blog. I love your work.


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