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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I'm a girl, I have long hair and I shed. I shed constantly, it's all over the bathroom floor, stuck in the carpet of my car and clumped in my shower drain so big they will probably come alive at some point and throw a party right on my bathroom floor. I shed so much you could probably collect it all and use it to tie into ropes and build bridges with it in third world countries. Feeling a little hair fall from my head and tickle down my arm has become part of my life, along with my boyfriend making an odd face as he pulls one out of his butt-crack. How exactly it is that it got there we may never know. Last night I sat propped up in my bed reading a book to help me fall asleep. The ceiling fan was blowing a nice cool breaze accross my skin and I ran my fingers through my hair as I followed the all new adventures of Harry Potter (yes I'm a nerd). A few freshly freed hairs would cling to my fingertips and I would enjoyably wiggle my fingers and watch them fly away. I burried my nose back in my book and didn't think twice when I felt one of them wisp accross my bare thigh. Out of chance I caught something out of the corner of my eye and turned my head just in time to see a spider jump spread eagle/kamakaze style off the edge of my bed! I was no longer sleepy.


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