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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

And the Name game continies

It is time once again for me to post the updated list of the "What were their parent's thinking?!" names. These are names I see on a day to day basis and giggle at, as I am the all mighty cubicle dwelling paper pusher during the day and at night I'm a lazy yet creative nerd girl.
So here you have it, a list of people who probably wanted to shoot themselves growing up due to the amount of play ground torture they received. I will excuse the ones who have names with Asian decent, they are exempt due to the fact that it is probably a normal name in their culture where we Americans get a good giggle from it. Some are funny, some are cute, and some are just down right wrong. Ahhh mindless entertainment, can it get any better?

Hung Duong (wife, Mi Duong)
Li Qing Wang
Woody Roper
Sach Ryder
Harry Panis
Pearl Tang
Rich Tang
Ta-Me Cherry
Happy Johnson
Richard Stiff
Luice Yang
Ivory White (black guy)
Rock Groupe
Cat Hart
Toy Hart
Theodore Strange III
Tuesday McClain
Bo Ho
Dung Ho
Laguna Pu
Juan Valdez
Bryan A.Ferari
Candy Camero
Fancy English
Warren Tittlemier
Mark S. Life
Randy Cloud
Frank S. Arce
Brooke Sky Blue
Zenon Butts
Vu Do
Joy Butts
Comfort Banjo
Christian Antkow
Jay Walker
Harry Smiley
Anneta Boozer


At 6/21/06, 12:05 AM, Blogger Becki said...

lmbo ohh my gosh can you imagine the through school torture they went through. I know we had a boy in school who's name was Muddy (first name) and his last name was Waters and that kid oh my gosh was soooo mean..

At 6/21/06, 9:36 AM, Blogger TheHamburger said...

I'll tell you a real name that's funny. My older brother's name is Patrick Douglas Hamburger and when you see his name on a report card or job application it says 'Hamburger, Pat D.' Think about that one.

Also, funny names.

Haywood Jablome
Jack Mehoff

At 6/21/06, 11:56 AM, Blogger a Blogger said...

lol, I saw some Vietnamese names there

At 6/21/06, 5:29 PM, Blogger Johnny Wadd said...

A black dude named ivory white? That kicks ass.

At 6/22/06, 10:14 AM, Anonymous andrena said...

richard stiff??? ha ha ha...came via your landlord-Beth!

At 6/22/06, 7:42 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Whatever you name your kids in the future, as they grow make sure you call them by their first name, not their middle name. Being known by your middle name is at times a bigger pain in the ass than you can imagine.

At 6/22/06, 7:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Emily,
How I love you for your misspelled words...
"And the name game continies" lol
Continues, but I love you anyway.
<3 Heather.

At 6/23/06, 8:11 AM, Blogger 60 and counting said...

Two that I can remember are
Theresa Greene and John Watt.
John's teacher.What's your name son?
Yes sir.
I said What's your name son?
Yes sir.
Whats your first name son? getting angry.
No sir, my names John.
No sir. John
John What??
Yes sir.
and so it continued until the teacher lost it and gave him the cane.

At 6/25/06, 8:43 AM, Blogger Chris said...

There was a girl that worked for a grocery chain where I worked and her legal name was "Marijuana Brown". It was on her license that way in the HR file.


At 6/26/06, 7:27 AM, Blogger Jade said...


So many ways to find giggles in life, I'm tellin' you! When I worked for Safeway, we were required to thank customers by name. When we'd run across a name that you just could never say with a straight face, we'd tear the name off of the bottom of a duplicate receipt and save them in an envelope to read during stressfull times and make ourselves feel better!

At 11/6/09, 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not appreciate you putting my name on this list and would like it removed. I am very proud of my name and think it is very nice.


Ta-me Cherry


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