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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hallelujah it's raining Stars

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been super busy. I did manage to go to LA last weekend and am going again this weekend. While out there I saw a bunch of famous people. It was like a sea of stars…ok not really. It was my involvement and obsession with Mini Coopers that allowed me to have my wee little brush with fame. I met some of the stars and others flew by so quick I didn’t even know it was them. The only person I got a picture of was Jesse James and I didn’t even get to be in the photo. I will post some of the pictures from the weekend soon. Until then here is my list;

Jesse James (Monster Garage) He punched FireBall Tim’s arm…yes on purpose, it was a love tap.

Sandra Bullock (so perty) she’s a fast walker

Ryan Cabrerra
(Ashley Simpson's teeny bopper singing Ex) I should probably be ashamed of myself for knowing his name. I am not ashamed that I would love to take my scissors to his head

(he sounds so smooth) Another fast walker
Me;“Hey that sounds like Tone-Loc”
Friend; “Emily….That was Tone-Loc.”

Larry Guterman (director of Cats & Dogs) Nice fellow…ridiculously green eyes…he must be an Alien


At 6/28/06, 5:58 PM, Blogger Laggard said...

How come I never got any luck to see anyone famous in L.A.? I'll be there on 18th. then going back "HOME."

At 6/29/06, 11:31 AM, Blogger utenzi said...

Thanks for bringing me on board as a renter, Stoo. I love those bunny shots below. I thought I had commented on that post last week, but I must have just been thinking about it and never actually followed through. A frequent failing of mine.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Hollywood/LA pictures

At 6/30/06, 12:25 PM, Anonymous Nikki-ann said...

I've bumped into a couple of famous people in London :)

I love Mini Coopers... Not got one myself though... Yet!

Here via Utenzi's.

At 7/3/06, 10:29 AM, Anonymous j/c said...

Hey, I just saw this.
And . . . I just learned about your return visit to SoCal. Best of luck.
I guess I'll be seeing you sometime soon then.

At 7/5/06, 10:42 AM, Blogger tina said...

hey! sounds like you had fun. we drove by irwindale on the way home yesterday. we had a celebrity encounter too. russ and i drove home from huntington beach and we saw busta rhymes on the side of the road getting pulled over by the cops and sitting on the sidewalk next to his lime green lamborghini murciélago...bummer for him. :o(

At 7/5/06, 7:37 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Could all of these "fast walkers" be running from a stalker? a stalker with a pink mini?

I got a great pic of Trevor and his cousin at the formal dinner on the cruise that reminded me of you. They were looking at each other doing the "I'm crushing your head" pose.

Glad you had fun!

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At 7/12/06, 7:49 PM, Anonymous Loweded Wookie said...

Hi, I stumbled across your site from Blog Explosion, I think it was the name StoopidGirl that did it.

I was wondering about this post. When you say you wish to take your scissors to his head do you mean in that cutesy "I want a lock of his hair" way, "He needs a haircut way", or that mildly disturbing "I want to jam the blades through his skull until blood runs out his ears" way?

Just curious. :-)

Cool Blog BTW.

At 7/13/06, 8:58 AM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

I would say the 2nd 2!


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