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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Oh the humanity

While Blog-Crashing today I have come to the conclusion that there aren't any funny bloggers in this world anymore, at least not this early on a Sunday. Maybe once noon hits and people start drinking something ,mildly entertaining will flash itself across my screen. I mean sure, some are sort of funny. I was reading one that started to get a chuckle from me, until the end of the story which was just stupid. If you are about to get to the funny part please don't stop and say it's all a dream. That's not funny. I am a baby and you just stole my lollipop, damn you. I also don't understand these people who spend more time talking about being funny then they actually are. The funniest thing I came across today was some highly religious man blogging about webcam puppetry and posting the photos to prove it. He had been chatting with a few girls and getting them all to do the same motions (i.e. touching their nose) while utilizing the "print screen" button. All though I don't recall laughing about it so maybe it's really not funny. I now feel like I was touched where my bathing suit goes....daddy.
For those of you reading this who think you're funny....this is my non funny post for you today. Stop trying so damn hard and just be.

Oh yeah, and if you're here because I left you a comment then you have been spared the non funny dinging of my non funny fairy wand. Bless you child for you have not sinned.

And the boredom continues,
I crush you like bugs


At 4/23/06, 6:55 PM, Blogger Jade said...

You really drive a pink mini? Right on! That rocks! What also rocks is that you're a fellow 'Zonie! ;-) Whoohooo!

Well, since I've found you I'd like to take a moment to suggest you sign up at the Arizona Bloggers Coalition too!

I'm blogrolling you! :)

At 4/23/06, 9:22 PM, Blogger Geeky Dragon Girl said...

I didn't get dinged, yaaaayyy! Wait, do I want to be dinged? Should I feel left out? Hmm... Oh wait, being dinged by the non-funny fairy means I'm a boring windbag. Okay, I think I understand now. I guess making slag out of beans is kind of amusing.

Oh and thanks for the vote. I got one vote, woohoo! Wait no, don't crush me....!

At 4/24/06, 8:27 AM, Blogger Captain Cartoon said...

UH-OH. Sounds like a challenge to me! Hmmmm what can I say to make you wet your pants....maybe.....LLAMA PENIS! That did'nt work? Ok, how about......AFRICAN BOOTIESCRATCHER!! Damn. That usually works. OK now I gotta pull out the nuclear stuff. How about National Geographic footage of two elephants having sex....DAMN! You are a tough customer!

At 4/24/06, 11:39 AM, Anonymous funnymos said...

I didn't get dinged I guess....your comment was just about the stupid women in my post.

I don't have a pink Mini (congrats for it btw), but my CafePress Store rocks :P

At 4/24/06, 12:22 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Hey! What a great entry you have written about being funny....wait a second....

people who spend more time talking about being funny then they actually are

Never ARE funny:)

Now quit crushing my head!

My Blog is not even mildly amusing compared to yours:)

At 4/24/06, 7:35 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

I just had whitty little remarks I had written to all of you. I actually wrote a good bit, but then I clicked on something I suppose I shouldn't have even though my computer has never opened a window in the comments page and it erased all of them...Grrr and double Grrr. So just know that your comments are appreciated and when I'm not banging my head on a wall I will write whittty remarks back on another blog entry if you comment again on another day...blah...I'm out of beer

At 4/24/06, 10:24 PM, Anonymous Joefish said...

Oh, sweet Jesus, where is the link the the webcam puppetry? I must see this. It's like a car wreck. You know it's sad and horrible but you must slow down and rubberneck, if only to confirm that it's not you.

Kudos for the Kids In The Hall reference.

At 4/25/06, 9:29 AM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

you know...I should have known you'd want to see that link Joe, unfortunately I didn't save it...but if I see it again I will most definately send it your way.

At 4/26/06, 6:43 AM, Anonymous Joefish said...


At 4/26/06, 10:46 PM, Blogger utenzi said...

*ouch, ouch* I was crushed like a bug!


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