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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Putting the OO in PID

Once again I am proving my nickname to be true more and more. That's Stoopidgirl for those of you who haven't figured it out. I am...bored...waiting for school to start and milling over the fact that my last post was serious and for someone as non serious as me I sure do post too many serious things. I can throw some more "serious" comments in there if you want...seriously.

ok stopping

A while back I wrote about Random Blog Crashing, which I haven't done in a rediculous amount of time because of work and school (puke). Somewhere down the line I picked up a fan of my blog who leaves me witty little comments. I don't exactly know how or why they found me but they are someone who for some reason keeps coming back for more. After reading their comment on my previous post about friends I realized I had never really given there blog a chance. I skimmed it once and left the page thinking, "I gotta get back to that one of these days." and never did. What can I say...I'm lazy. Maybe I am the bad friend I mentioned below...ok I'm not that bad, but I'll whine about it if that helps. In my remaining few minutes before I must take my lazy butt to math class (which I'm sooooo excited about) I went and read a little further. I giggled. I'm amaized! Where have I been!? My faith has been restored. I am such a tard. Joe Fish you make me want to read again, I salute you and your sillyness.

Congradulations Joe! You have now been added to my links which should give you delusions of grandure because it takes a lot to make me put someone over there...well, usually it takes actually knowing me, not bactually having a good blog. So you my friend officially have a good Blog. I am entertained. Oh happy days

Now all I have to do is find the time to go back and read some more.


At 3/14/06, 5:59 PM, Blogger Joefish said...

Woohoo! I'm one of the cool people now. Thanks for the link. :)

In case you wanted to know, I found you when I was blog crashing about six months ago. Different blog, different identity. (It was a simpler, quieter time. We'd all gather around the display window at the hardware store to watch my blog on a nine-inch black and white TV...) That blog and identity are long gone, but I still had a bookmark that I found again a few weeks ago.


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