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Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm so buff

Once again I went to the gym during my lunch break to try and shape up my flabby figure...or as I prefer to say "I'm not fat I'm fluffy!"...ok ok I'm not fluffy, "I'm big boned"...or a "curvatious amazon". Regardless, something needs to be done. I want to frolic in my bathingsuit at least once in my life and not feel like I'm going to start a fire with the friction from my inner thighs rubbing together. Don't get me wrong, I'm not fat and I'm not one of those girls who always whines about it when they're not anything close to what their female mind is blowing out of porportion.

Today at the gym I worked extra hard to counteract the effect of my St. Patty's day cupcake I ate earlier. Upon my arrival back to work I decided to partake in my favorite hobby while planted at my desk. Nose picking! Ahhhh yes, the joys of nose picking. As I brought my finger to my nose my arm started shaking. It was having a spazm! I worked out so hard picking my nose is impossible! WTF? This is sad. One day I'll be super buff and be able to pick my nose and flick my boogers like a pro. Oh the things to look forward to when getting in shape. That will be far better than any cupcake, any day.


At 3/19/06, 11:30 PM, Blogger Joefish said...

Is there a league for that? What clever nickname would the championship have? I vote for "Flickapalooza."

At 3/24/06, 8:16 AM, Blogger Captain Cartoon said...

Use that spasm to shoot a snot rocket. Works better that way!


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