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Friday, August 05, 2005

On My Way!

It's another Friday night in wonderful Scottsdale, Arizona. The weather's a wonderful 110 degrees and the skies are clear (just enough to blister my skin as I step outside). Friday is the chosen night for people to go to a smoke filled environment full of liquered up people who slur their speach and think it's a good idea to take them home so they can have wild monkey sex with them. I on the other hand have chosen to do something entirely different with my evening. I'm going to the Circus! That's right folks, I get to go to the GYM. Yay, doesn't that sound exciting? You see, about a month ago my boyfriend got food poisoning in the middle of the night which gave him some new worldly revelations on his life (maybe it had something to do with his incoherent ramblings through the night). One of them was to sell his MINI which I promptly threatened to to put a lift-kit on mine, this seemed to stop him in his tracks (ok, that's only part of it). The other would be that we need to get in shape. We've talked about it for quite some time and I had mentioned the gym about 6 months ago but unfortunately it was the wrong time and I was shot down. So now is the time to finally go and I'm quite proud of us. In theory this seems ideal but unfortunately I have to break it to my boyfriend that I found the man of my dreams while driving in traffic the other day. He was the total package, he drove a beat up Honda with awesome bumper stickers which included "Got Couchie", "It ain't gonna suck itself", "Stole your woman" and "Made to get Laid". That's right buddy, I'm looking for you! So bring your ugly, badly tattooed, wife beater wearing self over to my place anytime...on second thought I'll probably just see you at the'd fit right in with the hotties in there. Ok I'm lying....Today will be my third strait day at the Gym and I'm sore but it'll be worth it...especially the wild monkey sex I get to have with my man after we get home,that's always a bonus(sorry...too much information)


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