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Sunday, August 07, 2005


This morning I did the unfathonable...the unmentionable...the thing I've been dredding for ages. But! It was for a good purpose. To remind myself of things I don't want, to put reality into perspective and to hopefully never have to do it again. I took my almost nude, strait up, not attractive,(Deep breath) "BEFORE PHOTOS". There's no going back now. I know I'm no Jared or Carne Wilson and won't get rewarded by being a spokesperson for "the man" making lots of money because I was once a fat fuck, but I will hopefully be able to take new photos in which case I am completely comfortable in my half nekkid skin and one fine ass bitch. I'm in no way fat I just need to tone but this world better watch out if I actually succeed...confidence here I come! All I have to do now is follow through.

Side note; You will not see my "Before Photos" for SPD. All though once I become a fine ass bitch I may have to post them to show what I've done...who knows. For now they stay locked in a vault so as to not scare any children or unsuspecting small woodland creatures.


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