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Friday, December 30, 2005


It seems I'm always leaving little facts about myself all over the place so here's a list for your amusement.
1.I grew up on a commune
2.I was in Empire Records
3.My mom had me buffed by an angel when I was in 6th grade (don't ask)
4.I have a pink MINI Cooper
5.My step Mom is a psychic
6.My sister use to live on Dawson's Creek (literally)
7.I spent many years thinking I drove my great grandma from Maine to New Jersey in a red fire truck when I was 5.
8.I made my dad burn my baby blanket in the furnace because I wanted to be a big girl.
9.My first cat was named Black Rat
10.My last cats name was Eggroll.
11.My first sculpture (6th grade) was named Herpes.
12.Cinemon makes my taste buds fall off...but I eat it anyway
13.My first stuffed animal was a Maine black bear which to this day still has hardened baby Emily puke on it.
14.I have asphalt from Bar Harbor, Maine permanently imbedded in my knee.
15.My boyfriend talks in his sleep.
16.I was threatened with suspension for wearing a fork in my hair to high school (apparently forks are dangerous weapons)
17.Late at night walking on the beach, not wearing my glasses I kicked two people having sex because I thought they were a piece of driftwood.
18.I use to eat Milk Bone dog biscuits and sticks of butter like they were going out of style.
19.I've pee'd all over Vegas.
20.I'm naturally blond.

To be continued...


At 12/30/05, 11:27 AM, Blogger Jenny said...

I was just browsing thru the next blogs and came across yours. This post is absolutely funny. You seem to have a great personality.

At 12/30/05, 5:05 PM, Blogger deetour said...

yes, you SEEM to. Heehee

At 12/30/05, 9:49 PM, Anonymous j/c said...

Re #17 . . .
They must've been finished or just going through the motions for you to kick them. If they were wild and passionate, it'd been difficult to hit a moving target.

At 1/8/06, 5:18 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

they were having at it...missionary seemed to be the popular choice


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