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Friday, December 23, 2005

Cheers to cusomer service

My work gave me the day off which I'm very happy about and had awesome plans of nothingness. I thought I had avoided the Christmas insanity all together this year, until my couch surfing was interrupted by a phone call. It turns out my significant other needed me to run a "Simple" errand and pick up a few "simple" gifts. No problem I thought, it's the middle of the afternoon 2 days before Christmas, how hard can it be? 3 hours later I'm stumbling back in my humble abode and flopping on the couch like I'd just battled the vagina alien at the end of Starship Troopers and lost. I am now officially a casualty of the Christmas traffic, lack of parking and wonderful costumer service. The holiday spirit has never been something that runs through my veins...but sickness and impatience for bad customer service does. A few days ago I was at a doctor’s visit trying to find out if I'm just a hypochondriac or if I'm going to die, when the not so polite nurse jabs a needle in my arm and proclaimed loudly "These are bad needles; I don't know why we have them!" I looked up at her and replied "Do you really think you should say that to the person who's arm the needle is sticking in to?" she then yanked the needle out of my arm, left the room pissed, and starts bitching to another nurse. Moments later a new nurse who barely speaks English joins me in the room, and pulls out 6 more vials on top of the one already filled to the brim with my holiday spirit. She blushes and tells me in a polite foreign manner, "Oh, these aren't all for you." then ends up filling all of them with what's left of the blood in my body...Liar.
So much for nice people. Today the customer service and people I endured was definitely a little better then the nurses from hell but I did have one register run out of receipt tape, another girl methodically tap her fingers the whole time she rang me up, and almost got ran over 2 times by people pushing shopping carts. So to my wonderful day that went down the drains as fast as my blood filled enough vials to save 3 people with Ebola, I say Cheers to bad customer service and the holiday spirit. I say Humbug...good thing I have eggnog!


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