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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Damn reindeer running rampant all over the place!

My work is a madhouse. People are going crazy with the holiday spirit. Every day I wake up and it's just another day, then I get to work and all hell breaks lose.

One day I came in and was minding my own business when two of my coworkers stop by my cubicle wearing tiny stuffed pants on top of their heads as hats. It was like they slaughtered two miniature scarecrows and stole their nether regions so they could parade around the office in triumphant glory.

If this wasn't enough to make a person question the sanity of their surroundings I then witnessed a whip cream pie-eating contest. All went accordingly until I noticed one of the contestants eating their pie (cough) rather seductively. I made eye contact with one of the pants-on-head girls and exchanged the "this is wrong on so many levels" look. I am going to assume his girlfriend is a very happy camper.

Throughout last week I had noticed people wandering around my area of the building looking aimlessly into cabinets, under desks, and in the office foliage. I work with a lot of people so seeing them around is normal, but this was just odd. While putting away some files I had someone ask me "You're not looking for the reindeer in there are you?" and then I knew. It was that stinking reindeer, it was on the loose and hiding. It was taunting everyone to be found and they were falling for it. It was a free for all and they want to find it badly. All I have to say is if I find it, there will be a ransom note involved.

So it has begun, the end of the year contests at my work. I've never been the one for audience participation but I did attempt to name the reindeer by voting for "Venison" and "Chewy" unfortunately that name got shot down and the more appropriate name of "Hidey" (get it) was chosen...with this choice my first mumblings of "Bah-humbug!" were heard.


At 11/23/05, 10:07 AM, Blogger Tüls said...

gotta love Office life....


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