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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

no kiss for me

it's 10:57pm...I"m tired as all fucking boyfriend is having some wierd super retardo seizure which is resulting in my lack of goodnight kiss...poor slobber for me at the moment...but that's ok...I will tackle him momentarily and force him into submission...right after I find his blogger profile so I can annoy all living hell out of him. He is the one I love...there for I must stalk him before I can go to the great abyss I call (doom impending voice) "SLEEPYTIME!"


At 6/9/05, 12:05 AM, Blogger Tüls said...

Nice!! I'll be waking yo ass up though....LOL...moooohaw haw haaaaw!!

At 6/9/05, 1:58 PM, Blogger Stoopidgirl said...

you sure did


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